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PTSD-ACED Foundation, Inc. aims to bring increased awareness and recognition of PTSD secondary to ACEs. The organization provides education to individuals who serve in the medical and education fields to help reduce poor outcomes related to ACEs. PTSD-ACED Foundation, Inc. provides education via public speaking engagements at professional educational conferences, professional healthcare conferences, community groups, and others. We provide information about how to diagnose it and detection signs in the pediatric/adolescent population.

PTSD-ACED Foundation, Inc. also strives to provide support to psychiatric residential treatment facilities and schools to support Trauma Informed Care. Appropriated funds will be used to put systems in place at mental health facilities and adolescent inpatient facilities that will provide staff to work with patients diagnosed with PTSD and aid them in tutoring and preparing to further their education. PTSD-ACED Foundation, Inc. will also aid in establishing universal services to children and adults affected by ACEs.

Furthermore, PTSD-ACED Foundation, Inc. aims to provide a scholarship program for children and adults with PTSD secondary to ACE by selecting recipients based on academic record and an essay submission.